Symphonic Orchestra - artistic director and conductor - Mihail AGAFIŢA, People’s Artist

The Symphonic Orchestra of the National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici” was founded in 1930 and during its activity it was the emissary of art and culture, becoming one of the top ensembles in the country. Currently, the Orchestra brings together a group of over 80 professional musicians, being a body with rich musical traditions and intense concert activity.

Besides many conductors who worked at the orchestra, for a long time (1953-1979) the position of conductor and artistic director was held by Timofei Gurtovoi. In the next 15 years, the artistic leadership of the team was provided by the conductor Dumitru Goia. From 2004, the Orchestra is headed by Mihail Agafiţa.

Among the world-famous artistic personalities who have collaborated with the National Philharmonic Orchestra for over 85 years are the composers: D. Şostakovici, D. Kabalevski, A. Haciaturian; conductors A. Gauk, K. Kondraşin, A. Jansons, K. Oesterreicher, Iu. Simonov, V. Jordania, A. Katz, M. Brediceanu, H. Chekijzan; soloists D. Oistrah, L. Kogan, G. Kremer, V. Tretiakov, V. Spivakov, St. Ruha, Iu. Basmet, M. Rostropovich, N. Gutman, N. Şahovskaia, E. Gilels, Sv. Richter, D. Bashkirov, T. Nikolaeva, E. Virsaladze, V. Krainev, V. Merjanov, P. Serebriakov, A. Slobodyanik and many other leading musicians from around the world.

The recent period of activity of the orchestra was characterized by the attendance of A. Samoila, R. Luther, Gh. Mustea, V. Doni, P. Strub, M. Secichin, D. Pacitti, O. Calleya, Iu. Florea, O. Balan, C. Dumbrăveanu, M. Gorenstein, V. Cojuhari, D. Sipitiner, H. Andreescu, C. Mandeal, I. Dumănescu, A. Guliyv, L. Markiz, M. Rodan, V. Polyansky.

The orchestra collaborated with great solo artists, the pianists M. Zeltzer, V. Viardo, L. Vlasenco, A. Palei, D. Borsan, M. Ungureanu, V. Rudenco, A. Nabiulin, O. Maisenberg, R. Sheinfeld, B. Csiky, G. Janusevicius, Th. Pandolfi; violinists D. Schwarzberg, G. Croitoru, P. Kopatchinskaja, I. Garnet, A. Conunova, C. Anghelescu, A. Zalai; cellists I. Josan, M. Cazacu, R. Suma, M. Smesnoi, M. Drobinski, A. Niculescu, A. Krastev, I. Storojenco; clarinetist A. O. Popa; trumpeter S. Cârstea; guitarist R. Saad; the vocal soloists M. Bieşu, L. Văduva, E. Obrasţova, G. Stoleriu, I. Arhipova, M. Muntean, V. Atlantov, M. Palm, V. Piavko and others.

The repertoire of the orchestra includes the most representative works of universal symphonic music and vocal-symphonic music, including creations from different epochs and stylistic genres. In this context, a great importance is given to the interpretation of the opuses of composers from the Republic of Moldova and Romania: V. Zagorschi, E. Lazarev, E. Doga, Gh. Ciobanu, Şt. Neaga, E. Coca, V. Poliacov, L. Gurov, S. Lobel, I. Macovei, T. Chiriac; G. Enescu, Şt. Niculescu, A. Vieru, A. Iorgulescu, D. Dediu, D. Rotaru, L. Dănceanu, M. Jora, M. Negrea, C. Ţăranu, T. Olah, V. Munteanu, A. Pop and others.

The Symphonic Orchestra of the National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici” was invited to perform numerous concerts on the most important stages of Moldova and performed highly successful tours abroad. The orchestra was also invited to take part at different International Festivals in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania etc.

Passion and enthusiasm, hard work to build and accumulate experience, continuous search for new ideas – these are elements that show and consolidate the collaborative results of several generations of musicians who gave birth to the great Moldovan artistic entity – the Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici”.