SERGIU MUȘAT (Clarinet), Honored Artist 

Sergiu Mușat, born on 8 September 1980, graduate from the Republican Musical Lyceum „Ciprian Porumbescu” from Chișinău, clarinet specialty, Prof. Ion Mușat class, and the State University of Arts, Prof. E. Verbețchi class. He took training courses with D. Orlov. In 2015, graduates with a doctor's degree at the University of Arts „George Enescu” from Iași, where he is given the title of Ph.D. in Music.

 He is a Scholar of the „New Names” foundation, Moscow. In 2005 he gets the Municipal Prize for Youth in the Arts field. Winner of national and international competitions from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Romania, Republic of Moldova.

Collaborates with many foreign orchestras and famous conductors, evolving on the numerous stages from Europe.

He is the founding director of the Saxophone International Festival „Sax Story” from Chișinău, and of the Saxophone International Festival „Romantic Saxophone” from Bacău, Romania. Currently, he is a soloist of National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici” from Chișinău, and „Mihail Jora” Philarmonic from Bacău, Romania.

In February 2020 he gains the honorary title of Honored Artist.