Artistic Manager – Eugen Negruța, Honored Artist

Concertino represents a group of accordionists, founded on October 18, 2003, whose purpose is to promote the accordion as an instrument for several musical styles. The concept of Concertino belongs to fresh-faced graduate musicians from Music Theatre and Fine Arts Academy, which had the ambition to „invest” all their musical knowledge into a unique and original project. They proved to the world that the accordion is an instrument that allows the skilled interpreter to perform not only popular but also classical music. 

For 14 years, Concertino Accordion Band are working toward their goal with a lot of dedication, confirming their artistic value, through numerous concerts held in the most prestigious halls. Over the years, the band has managed to gather many trophies in their winning streak, and due to their creative vitality, it was called the „Best musical group from Europe”.

The talent and professional training of the musicians from the band allowed them to shatter the myth that the accordion is an instrument made only for party music. 

Besides the characteristic energy and stamina, Concertino can be proud of having a repertoire that embraces creations from classical, contemporary, folk music, jazz, collaborating with different composers from the country and abroad. 

Held a number of tours and participated at numerous festivals from all over the world: Canada, North Korea, Italy, France, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, China, Belgium, Russia, etc.

Had many collaborations with notorious names from the musical world such as famous French accordionist Richard Galliano and Frank Morocco – an exceptional accordion player from the USA. The concerts with these two world-class personalities took place at Organ Hall from Chișinău. Concertino Accordion Band had the honor and an absolute pleasure to participate at these exceptional concerts, with their particular melodicity, that became inevitable a wonderful event for the public from Moldova.

Since 2017, Concertino Accordion Band was taken under the protection of prestigious National Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici”.