The history of piano duo Anatolie Lapicus and Iurie Mahovici began with the collecting of the notes for piano duo, belonging to French composer Olivier Messiaen, „Vision de l’Amen”, creation whose interpretation requires a lot of skill, but first of all professionalism. The idea of performing this piece opened a beautiful collaboration, which witness the success for the first time, on the Organ Hall stage, on January 7, 1993. Over the years, the duet has become one of the most appreciated and known in the Republic of Moldova, but also across its borders, becoming European-class. Pianists have in the track record some prestigious awards, more than 30 festivals and tournaments, performing on the big scenes of European cities in Romania, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany, Belarus, the Czech Republic, scenes cherished by many interpreters, who aspire to high values and musical achievements.

The duo of pianists Anatolie Lapicus and Iurie Mahovici represent a group with feature qualities belonging only to them: the sense of the assemble, the interpretative refinement, the perfect virtuosity, the variety and quality of sound, the personal attachment to the works that are performed. The duet has a vast repertoire consisting of music for two piano, four hands on piano, piano duet creations and symphonic orchestra, etc.

The musical past of the duet reveals not only the piano career of the two protagonists, but also another form of artistic activity. The duet contributes considerably to the development of the native music culture, Iurie Mahovici and Anatolie Lapicus are the founders of the International Festival of piano duets „Strugure de chihlimbar” that had already three editions.

The pianists have over 90 compositions recorded by themselves, at the Public Company „Teleradio-Moldova”. They also transcribed various musical works for piano duo, placing them in four volumes. These transcripts are already successful in various countries of the world, as part of the repertoire of many international duets.

In July 1995, by decree of the President of the Republic of Moldova, for the fruitful educational activity and high professional skills, for the merits in the development of musical art and the contribution to the training of musicians-interpreters, these pianists were awarded the honorary title „Master in Art”.

Anatolie Lapicus and Iurie Mahovici are currently professors of University. Since 2005, they have been soloists of the national Philharmonic „Serghei Lunchevici”.

In 2020, by Presidential decree, they were appointed with the highest honorary title of the Republic of Moldova in the field of culture – Artists of the People.